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1) Quality Assurance

FUERMU has been granted the ISO 9001:2008 certification, a global standard for quality management systems,and awarded shiping approvals(ABS,BV,LR,GL,DNV,KR,CCS) ,all these ensures that our flux cored wire are in accordance with approved criteria and safety guidelines.

2)Competitive Price

Coupled with efficient systems, our large numbers of quantity of outpusts and logistics enables us to provide you with competitive prices for our products.

3) Reliable

Many China Shipyards select FUERMU as the reliable partner for their shipbuilding,Like YANGZIJIANG SHIPBUILLDING,RONGSHENG HEAVY INDUSTRIES,CHENGXI SHIPYARD,and more and more clients signed long term cooperation with us.

4) Flexible Support

Our friendly and experienced staff can provide you with the flexibility in arranging your purchase. We can accommodate to special requests to meet your satisfaction

5) Technical Support

We have a well-trained technical team to meet your needs. We will provide you with on-site technical support if necessary.

6) Round the Clock Service

Our round the clock delivery plan will cater to your urgent orders during after-office hours, weekends or public holidays.

7) Prompt Delivery

Our strong producing capacity,transport team and efficient logistics system ensures that all goods can be delivered on time. Emergency orders can also be arranged and goods will delivery at the second day.